Caroline x BellaClub


Caroline Junqueira – The new Bella Club model isn’t only a hell of a woman for being stunning, but mainly for having attitude. At 23 years of age, Caroline Junqueira is a secure, free, caring woman. She has plans of travelling the world, getting to know new cultures, and opening a shelter for stray animals. Currently, the Brazilian national studies to improve her skills as a DJ – a job which seems just perfect for her, who loves going to nightclubs, dancing, and making new friends. Caroline has once photographed for a wedding gowns’ brand, but she confesses she’s much more comfortable when she’s naked. “Those dresses are way too uncomfortable. I have always been very easygoing; I love being naked!” And that’s exactly how you’re about to see her, in yet another steamy Bella Club photo shoot!

Caroline x BellaClub

Caroline x BellaClub

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